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Since fans are a big part of the games that bring excitement to billions of people each year.  We offer an award that the fans are a big part of, too.  The Premier Player Trophy is awarded to athletes based on the votes of sports fans from around the world.

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What We Do

Through a network of volunteers, we are bringing awareness and raising funds for the following reasons:

*  According to reports, there are more than 140,000,000 orphans in the world.  Many of them can only dream about doing what most of us may do on a daily basis: Play Sports.  We are helping them live this dream now.  A dream that provides fun and laughter, the physical fitness that can improve their self-esteem, and a chance at finding a forever coach, mentor or family.

* What happens to orphans and foster children who are never adopted but age out of the system? Many of them go to college but without proper budgeting and life skills. Even worse, some have no one to call to help them with such issues. Our foundation closes that gap and is there when these kids need financial help to continue their studies.

*  Diseases and disabilities can sometime rob children of their childhood playtime.  Even when parents help them get past the medical attention and treatments, very little may be left in the budget for participation in sports leagues and camps. Our foundation assists these families with league sponsorships and proper equipment for their children.

Help us make a difference, register as a volunteer by calling 813-833-3495 or donate.

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We Will Get Orphans Into The Games

We Will Make A Difference In
The Lives of Others

All funds raised for the Baton Rouge community stays in
the Baton Rouge Community.

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